Morgan Dollar 1 oz Copper Round
Morgan Dollar 1 oz Copper Round

Morgan Dollar 1 oz Copper Round

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These lovely copper coins with a Morgan Dollar design will make a great addition to your collection and are a good “entry round” for the beginning copper investor or the survivalist stacker. Each contains one AVDP oz. of .999 fine copper and is 33 mm in diameter.

The 3D obverse of these high-quality rounds includes a bust of Lady Liberty and the words “E Pluribus Unum.” The reverse reads “Golden State Mint,” “1 Oz 999 Fine Copper.” A waving banner says “E Pluribus Unum" clenched in an American bald eagle's beak. These rounds featured a reeded edge.

The Morgan Dollar’s historic design harkens back to coins originally minted in 1878, which was originally designed by U.S. Mint assistant engraver George T. Morgan. The model for Lady Liberty was quiet teacher and philosophical writer Anna Willess Williams, who Morgan proclaimed had the most beautiful profile of any woman in the world. She was embarrassed by the attention, and later hid from her many adoring fans, though her face remains a shining image of patriotism on rounds and coins such as this one ounce copper coin.

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Copper Content 1 ounce AVDP
Condition New
Mint Golden State Mint
Brand Golden State Mint