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Lime Essential Oil

Lime Essential Oil

Lime Essential Oil

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Certified Organic Lime Essential Oil.

What is Lime essential oil?

For centuries, lime has been used in Chinese medicine to promote the digestion of fats and to improve the absorption of nutrients. Lime can help food and fluids pass through the stomach tracts more smoothly. According to Chinese medicine, this results in the detoxification of the body by way of flushing, as well as in the improvement of the flow of the body’s energy via the purification of blood.

Various species of lime are now being grown in all the tropical and subtropical parts of the world, so it is hard to imagine that this fruit was once indigenous only in parts of the Indian subcontinent and in Southeast Asian countries.

It’s a testament to its hardiness that after being introduced to Europe – and then the Americas via Africa and the Mediterranean – it has continued to prosper and propagate. It was even able to cross with other species to create natural hybrids.

A hybrid is exactly what Citrus aurantifolia is, and Mexican lime—also known as Key lime of the sumptuous pie fame—is possibly the most widely used lime variety today.

A recent study has shown that lime and its essential oil can be beneficial in facilitating weight loss. Lime can curb hunger pangs or cravings in people suffering from medication-induced obesity and other similar conditions.

Another study compared the chemical components of the distilled essential oil of Key limes grown in Mexico and the essential oil of limes from elsewhere. A whopping number of 33 compounds out of the 98 identified “have not been previously reported for Key lime oil.”

We can all take from these what we will, but we can safely say that lime essential oil has a lot more to offer than any of us may realize.


The main chemical constituents of Lime Oil are: 

  • a-pinene
  • b-pinene
  • myrcene
  • limonene
  • terpinolene
  • 1,8-ceneole
  • linalool
  • borneol
  • citral
  • traces of neral acetate
  • geranyl acetate.

Other Information

Country of Origin: Italy
Botanical Name: Citrus Aurantifolia
Family Name: Rutaceae
INCI: Citrus Aurantifolia Oil
Common Names: Lime Oil, Distilled Lime
Parts Used: Fruit Peel
Extraction Method: Steam Distilled
Scent: Medium, Crisp, Sweet, Fresh, Characteristic of Citrus

Natural: Yes
Purity: 100%
Organic Certified: Yes

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