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Updates That Are Happening Now

Just want to give customers and followers a update on whats happening behind the scenes.

  1. We are working on getting some of our T-Shirts listed now on the website, we will have some up later today and be adding more as we go.
  2. We are going to also be adding more design to our hoodie selection but this is not priority right now.
  3. We will also start adding some shorts with awesome designs very soon.
  4. We are going to have another giveaway soon!!!!
  5. We are also working on our CBD website as well, Please head over to the site and subscribe to the news letter to get updates.
  6. If you did not know yet we accept Bitcoin payments as well as a few other major Cryptos.
  7. We will be adding some more Orgone Pyramids in the coming days as well.
  8. Also will be making some videos soon to show people how they can get started with Crypto Currencies and utalize them in everyday life.
  9. Be expecting a variety of great content in the works.

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