trycrystals is going to launch and be amazing

Grand Opening OrgonePyramidEnergy

    I am very happy to say that trycrystals Grand launch will come on the 1st of September We are going to have some amazing Orgone Pyramids and crystals for sell at launch. We plan on adding new products 2 times a week as well as updating the site 2 times a week, and providing a vlog video update to everyone on the site. We are moving from our old website at  .  We are going to have a complete renovation with the site and the products on the site. 

   trycrystals is also going to start a program offering a way for local venders of amazing products to have another avenue to sell their products on.

 We are very happy to say that very soon after launch we will start a rewards program and an affiliate program for people interested.

 We have lots of stuff planned for our amazing customers!!!


We are going to have a large variety of Pyramids with all kinds of different stones, and gems in them. We offer descriptions of the metaphysical properties as well on the site and we will eventually have a educational section that shares all kinds of different things.

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